How to Ensure Your Tender Application Stands Out?

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  • 11-Aug-2021
Are you looking to apply for tenders to get more business? What are some of the must-haves in a winning tender? What will make you stand out and secure the tender amongst other sellers? Read on to find out about what you need to keep in mind while writing a tender response document.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider before Applying for a Tender?

  • Analyse the tender request: You need to read through the tender request carefully and consider the following - What are the key points of the tender request? How is the tender response going to be evaluated? What are the important dates and deadlines? What are the mandatory details for submission?
  • Determine the ability of your business: Can your business deliver on this tender request without upsetting the ongoing business activities? Is this a good strategic move? Do you have any historical data or a track record to support the promise of successful delivery of goods and services required by the tender?
  • Get all project contributors involved: All suppliers and vendors that will be involved in the fulfilment process of the tender should be involved right from the planning stage to ensure that your quote and timelines are realistic and achievable.
  • Research your buyer: Do your homework. Find out as much as you can about the buyer that has put out the tender notice. Look up policy documents and visit relevant websites to know the specifications of the tender. Are there any specific requests or concerns that you need to make note of?

How Can You Make Your Tender Application Stand Out?

  • Organise your tender response document: Ensure that your tender response document has clearly demarcated sections. The structure of the document should follow a logical order.
  • Ensure the tender response has the required details: Make a checklist of details required, such as your company credentials, delivery specifications, frequency of goods and services to be rendered, etc.
  • Ensure your proposal meets the needs: The tender request has specific selection criteria mentioned clearly in it. Address each of them one by one. Ensure that your proposal has all the points covered. Focus on the needs of the buyer stated in the tender. Also, include the unstated needs of the buyer that were discovered during the research.
  • Differentiate your service: What is your unique selling point? Is it the cost advantage you get from your vendors and suppliers, is it the local produce you promote and support you offer to the community, is it the high-quality standards or is it the unmatched customer service? Be sure to highlight how you are better than the average.
  • Give value for money: The cheapest bidding does not always make the winning deal. Offer add-ons like better quality, better payment terms and options, guarantee and warranty on your goods and services, as companies often look for a full package and not just a cheap offering.

What Should You Keep in Mind while Writing a Tender?

  • Respond to all sections: This is your one chance to stand out among your competitors against the tender requirements. Make sure you respond to all questions and provide all documents, as incomplete tenders are rejected.
  • Proofread the tender response document for errors: Scan the response document for grammatical or other errors. Proofread it thoroughly to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Be careful when selecting a reference: Ensure that your reference has a good knowledge about your business, especially that part of the business which will be fulfilling the tender.
  • Meet the deadline: Ensure that you submit a logical, well -structured, error-free tender response document well before the deadline.

What Should You Do Next?

  • Register on  Tata nexarc and visit the Tenders and Quotations section to access tenders. This section provides leads matching your business, from across Tata Group companies, government agencies, large corporates and other MSMEs.
  • Do your research on the buyer, and the policies and laws involved in the fulfilment of the tender.
  • Do a quick check of whether your business is well suited for this tender. Involve all contributors and make a plan for tackling the tender.
  • Evaluate various candidates who can act as a reference. Choose one that can put up favourable points of the business.
  • Compare your ability to deliver a finished project to the performance of your competitors.
  • Make a well-structured tender response document and submit it as early as possible without compromising on the quality.


This article is written by Preeti Shrivastava.





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