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15 KVA Diesel Generator

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The 15 KVA generators are commonly  used for home use or commercial use.

Quazar Power generators is having the best quality parts with better warranty period.

These products are characterized by a canopy without solders (which reduces corrosion points), an integrated chassis in its own enclosure.

As optional accessories, we can incorporate a fuel tank floating device (to control fuel capacity) and a lifting hook to increase its portability.

It has easy installation features and is designed to be transported and adapted according to each client specific needs.

This technically advanced generators range has applications in the areas of public construction, industry, general construction, airports, hospitals and Telecom companies, among others. For its high power generation capacity, they can also be used together as a production plant or as a significant support to the public power network during hourly peaks in big and populated areas.
In this Heavy Range our client can rely on all the quality characteristics of our products combined with several customization services, specially tailored to each project’s specific needs.

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Uploaded on: "5 Sep 2023"

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