Seeking to make your business presence effective on social media and Digital platforms? Try digital marketing services from Bravas Digital, available on Tata nexarc. Bravas is a leading digital marketing company that aims to help you build a strong online presence and get the most out of Performance Marketing Campaigns. Get the best of:
  • Social media audit
  • Organic marketing
  • Performance marketing (ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Google and more)
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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Our experience in various domains and working with MSMEs help us understand the needs and pain-points of businesses. Here is what sets us apart from the crowd
● Build data-driven brand strategies based on competitor analysis and research
● Develop & Track ROI and ensure transparency with dedicated account manager
Digital growth
Use various social marketing activities (SEM, ads, emails, SEO) to create the right online presence on the most appropriate platforms
Build a social media community to grow social following organically and drive relevant engagement for your business

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Frequently asked questions

What are the terms and conditions for festive offers/packs?+ -

a) 3 or 4 festive creatives for 3 or 4 Diwali festivities (out of any 5 Diwali days - Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali, Padwa, and Bhai Duj), depending on the package
b) Up to 2 changes per creative
c) Only the creatives will be provided, posting needs to be done by the client
d) Creatives will be provided 24 to 48 hours prior to the festival (subject to changes shared by client)
● Open files of the creatives will be provided for the client to use later

a) We will run 1 campaign on Google or Facebook
b) Creative for the campaign can be provided by the client or can be created by Bravas
c) Campaign duration will be up to 20 days
d) Post the campaign, a report will be shared on the campaign performance
e) Relevant Ad accounts will be created, if not previously created (additional charges apply)

Does my brand need digital marketing?+ -

Yes. In this digital age, your customers and competitors are likely to be present in the digital space, making it important for you to be present where your target audience is. A digital marketing company will help you to create an online presence engaging relevant digital tools including social media, performance marketing, ORM, organic marketing and SEO, and more.

Does my brand need to be active on all platforms?+ -

No. It is neither recommended not required to be present/active on all platforms. It is important to identify the platforms your audience is most active on and build a strategy for it. Recommended social platforms are Instagram and Facebook for D2C brands and LinkedIn for B2B brands. For more details, get in touch at:

Is there a minimum spend I need to make for advertising?+ -

No. There is no minimum spend that you need to have. There is however a minimum daily spend that the respective platform requires. You can run campaigns based on your budget, which can be increased or decreased based on your convenience. Hiring digital marketing specialists will help to plan and optimise campaigns across channels.

Will Bravas Digital charge a commission on the sales?+ -

No. As a digital marketing agency, Bravas Digital only charges the agreed upon retainer amount. The entire ad budget is allocated to running ads and no additional commission or charge is taken by Bravas Digital.

Would simply running ads result in desired results?+ -

No. Simply running ads does not guarantee results. Results depend on factors like audience targeting, lookalikes, industry, offering, budget, platforms, and several other factors. As digital marketing consultants, Bravas Digital, will plan and run campaigns for the best results and provide suggestions and steps to optimise and improve results.

How long will it take for me to see the results?+ -

There is no fixed timeline in the digital space. Usually, 3 to 6 months is a good time to understand if the marketing efforts are generating the desired results.

How to raise cancellation and refund request?+ -

All cancellation or refund request will be handled by Bravas Digital directly. To raise a cancellation or refund request, please write to:

What is our cancellation and refund policy?+ -

i. Cancellation policy:
● The Client shall provide prior written notice in case of termination of the Agreement and comply with the Notice Period requirements. The Notice Period shall mean:
a) “two weeks”, in the event the Project is for 1 month or less.
b) “one month”, in the event the Project is for a period greater than 1 month.
● Client’s failure to provide the Notice Period as stated hereinabove shall result in extension of the retainership of the Client for one additional month i.e., the Agreement shall continue to exist for one more month and Client shall be liable for all payments due thereunder.

ii. Refund policy:
● Client shall be entitled to refund only in the following circumstances and in accordance with the refund terms provided hereinbelow.
● All refunds shall be calculated on amounts exclusive of GST paid by the Client:
● Terms of Refund
a) In the event there has been a delay or default in commencement of work under the Project as per mutually agreed timelines, the Client shall be entitled to 50% of the advance amount paid, notwithstanding the delay or default is on account of the Client or Agency.
b) In the event the work has commenced, the Client shall be entitled to refund as follows:
i) 50% of the advance payment, provided cancellation request has been made within 48 hours from date of payment and Project work has been initiated by the Agency.
ii) 100% of the advance payment, provided cancellation request has been made within 48 hours from date of payment and no Project work has been initiated by the Agency.
c) In the event the cancellation has been requested after 48 hours from date of payment, the service fee equivalent to 1 month shall be retained by Agency and balance shall be refunded to the Client.
In the event the advance is less than 50%, Agency shall be entitled to recover the outstanding sum by invoicing the Client.
d) In the event the cancellation has been requested within 4 weeks from date of payment solely on account of Agency’s failure to continue the Project on account of unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons, the Client shall be entitled to refund of 50% of the advance amount paid to Agency.

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