Have questions around your business? Get answers to your business problems with Tata nexarc's nexResearch. It is a market research service that enables MSMEs to get first hand information from the end users of their products.

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Detail Report Detailed report with quantitative and qualitative insights
Dedicated research manager Dedicated research manager to guide you through the research and keep you updated at every step
Help user Better and empowered decision making for your business

3 steps to get started

STEP 1 Select the type of market survey which suits your business
STEP 2 Complete the purchase and track the progress of your market survey
STEP 3 Focus on your business while we execute the research, and generate the reports
STEP 1 Select the type of market survey which suits your business
STEP 2 Complete the purchase and track the progress of your market survey
STEP 3 Focus on your business while we execute the research, and generate the reports
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    Frequently asked questions

    What is nexResearch?+ -

    nexResearch is a business market research service from Tata nexarc. It helps MSMEs conduct field research and understand their target audiences better. Each research is carefully designed to meet the needs of emerging businesses across industries

    What is the importance of market survey?+ -

    A market survey helps businesses to assess and analyse competitors, markets, and target audiences better. A detailed market research project requires expertise, planning, and time. It can help gather meaningful market intelligence for businesses.

    What is included in a market survey?+ -

    Market research surveys are usually business/company specific. Most market survey companies in India will conduct research to gather data and provide insights on customer behaviour, pricing, competition, new products and services, and trends, among others.

    How to do market research for a small business?+ -

    At Tata nexarc, we understand the pain-points of small, medium, and emerging businesses. Our market research consultants pay special attention to the needs of every business and use questionnaires, surveys, interviews, and other required tools to conduct effective market research.

    How long does it take to conduct a market survey?+ -

    Qualitative research and insights take time while a short market survey can be completed in 3 months. A detailed one can take 6-12 months depending on the types of market surveys, target market segments, market research methods and several other factors.

    What data do you collect during the research?+ -

    We conduct primary research using a curated questionnaire that enables us to collect detailed responses. Each survey has a specific set of questions that match the requirements of a business and their target audience. Data is gathered in qualitative and quantitative forms.

    What is Tata nexarc assured?+ -

    Tata nexarc assured services are provided by Tata nexarc experts.

    What are the contents of the report(s) I will get?+ -

    We conduct quantitative and qualitative insights research. You will receive a detailed analysis of the responses along with our suggestions to find solutions to business challenges identified.

    How do I decide the right package for my business?+ -

    As a market research company, we offer packages for every budget. You can check the offerings of each package to see what suits you best. To know more, contact us at: or on WhatsApp at +91 90223 38000 (9 am - 9 pm).

    How does Tata nexarc choose the right respondents for these surveys?+ -

    There are several types of market surveys we conduct to gather the right responses from target audiences. We have a strong on-field presence, and our experts take special care to identify relevant respondents and build questionnaires.

    What happens if I need a custom plan because my requirements are unique?+ -

    If your requirements are not met with the ‘Grow’ or ‘Scale’ plans, you can opt for the ‘Fly’ plan which offers customisation for any secure survey and research.

    What can be customised in the 'Fly' package?+ -

    The 'Fly' package can be customised to suit your market research requirements. You can modify the number of questions, select cities in which the survey needs to be carried out, edit questions and more.

    Who do I reach out to if I have questions?+ -

    You can ‘Raise a Ticket’ on the Tata nexarc platform if you have a query. Our support team will contact you at the earliest. You can also write to us at: or WhatsApp on +91 90223 38000 (9 am – 9 pm).

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