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HROne Inbox

India's leading HCM suite that automates your HR functions end to end

HROne Inbox

India's leading HCM suite that automates your HR functions end to end

Are you ready to build a high-performing HR department with the power of true automation?

HROne - India's new age enterprise-ready HCM suite that automates HR processes end to end, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights for business-enabled decisions.

A product of 25+ year old Uneecops group, HROne has happily transformed HR operations for over 900+ clients across 20+ industries in India and brands, such as TekSystems, Haier, MyGlamm, Sula Vineyards, Nissin Foods, Annapurna Microfinance are testimony to our impeccable after sales support.

What differentiates us from the rest?

  • Integrated HCM suite, not scattered modules - Manage the entire employee lifecycle with 10 truly integrated HR Modules including touchless payroll. Your HR actions are synced across all functions, with ZERO manual interventions!
  • Truly #MobileFirst - Our mobile app enables you with 110+ HR tasks anywhere, anytime for the hybrid world of work, unlike any other HCM suite.
  • First ever #InboxForHR interface - The intelligent interface assigns open tasks to the designated owners on its own, in real time. 1000+ HR professionals have shared their appreciation for this innovative feature.
  • Advanced HCM analytics - Provides a clear picture of your organisational growth, employee happiness index, actual product ROI, and process-wise analytics to highlight true cost efficiency.
  • Exceptional #EX tools - Drive employee engagement with badges, auto reward engine, HR posts, surveys, 360-degree feedback and achievement-based messaging. We keep them on the same page as yours - culture, goals, everything!

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Core HR​

  • Create org structure (multi-company configurations) - Define your complete organization structure as company, business unit, to department and designation level
  • Create role as per your company - You can define role and responsibility as per your org-structure
  • Grant access rights - You can grant 3 layers of access rights as page access, data access and CXO access
  • Employee database - Managing employees and creating new employee database
  • Dynamic fields - Create any type of filed in employee profile
  • Announcement - Post any announcement with your organization, be it text driven, media or video
  • HR handbook (HR policies, forms, videos) - You can share all your HR polices and video with your employees as a part of HR handbook
  • Generate general letters - Auto alert to HR to general letter templates from web and mobile

Time office​

  • Biometric integration - Easy integration with your bio-metric device in-order to fetch daily punch-in and punch-outs
  • Manage attendance - Your can create different attendance policies as per location, departments, designations and so on.
  • Geo-tagging, geo-fencing - with the "Mark Attendance" feature available on mobile app, you can use geo-tagging or geo-fencing for attendance requests
  • Auto shift (shift rotations policy) - Multiple shifts can be created mapped to company, branch, department and grades
  • Multi Holiday calendar (locations) - Holiday calendars can be created state or branch wise
  • Overtime and comp-off - Overtime calculation can be done on the basis of company policies
  • Manage Leaves - auto leave credit - Multiple leave policy can be created mapped to company, branch, department and grades


  • Manage multiple pay groups - Define pay-component, create pay-groups and map it as per your organization structure
  • Auto CTC breakups - System will auto calculate the CTC break-ups and per your defined policies
  • Process salary - Payroll can be processed for multiple location from a single login
  • Income tax, investment declaration can be done using employee self service login
  • Statutory compliance - All your statutory compliances are in place as per the government norms
  • Returns and challans - Auto generation of all chalans after salary processing
  • Increment and attendance arrears - Various arrear can be calculated like process new joining, attendance correction, etc.
  • Reimbursements - Salary reimbursement can be auto generated from the system or as per company policy
  • Increments - Plan increment as per the assigned budget or define your own increment policy for approval
  • Loans and advances - Employees can raise loan and advance requests which can managed as per rule and eligibility
  • Variable payout - Workflows to take variable payout inputs and maintain audit trails
  • F&F settlements - Complete F&F can be carried out through the portal


  • Employee database - Managing employees and creating new employee database
  • Upcoming joining - Maintain data of candidate with offer agreement to initiate pre onboarding process
  • Pre-onboarding - Define checklist to track process with all stakeholders
  • Onboarding - Define checklist to track process with all stakeholders
  • Onboarding with buddy mentoring - Join organisation under the guidance of mentor
  • Confirmation - Employee confirmation process with workflow
  • Separation - E-Resignation with exit questionnaire and clearance checklist from the respective departments
  • Document management - Multiple Documents can be attached against each employee
  • Transfer - Employee transfer process with defined workflows and allowance calculations
  • Letter generation - Various letters can be created from here like, confirmation, warning, appraisal letter etc.


  • Mood bot - Track real time E-SAT through HRone Mood bot
  • Appreciation budgets - Create a culture of R&R with assigning various appreciation badges
  • Pulse - Option to create multiple survey and event based too
  • Survey - Option to create multiple survey and event based too
  • Fundraiser - Create event to generate financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise
  • Reward points - Distribute various rewards points and get it redeemed in the form of gift vouchers


  • Asset management - Create asset type and categories your asset by subtypes
  • Inventory management - Manage your hardware inventory with ease at single inventory or bulk upload
  • Asset lifecycle/workflow - Maintain asset details like depreciation value, warranty period, last audit
  • Asset ownership - Allocate asset ownership on OU level
  • Asset request/return - Employee can raise the request for new asset or return of existing asset
  • Temp. asset allocation - Assign asset with predefined asset return date
  • Allocation - Assign asset to any employee while updating the inventory allocation

Help desk​

  • Define ticket categories - Define Multiple categories as per the available departments
  • Subcategories - Define multiple sub categories as per the ticket categories
  • Define auto assignment rule - Tickets will be auto assigned as per the rule
  • Create and resolve tickets - Agent can start with the resolution once the ticket is assigned to them
  • Manage escalation matrix - You can create Escalation matrix, define SLA as per your company policy
  • Chat with ticket owner - On spot start conversation with ticket owner to understand grievance in detail
  • Rate resolver on ticket closure - Now you can give star rating to the agents working on various tickets


  • Set performance cycle - Define monthly/quarterly/bi-annually or annual goal cycle
  • Set goals - Smart + OKR - Identify limitations, set KRAs, KPIs, competencies as per the designations
  • Continuous feedback - With Continuous feedback you can keep a track on 1 on 1 meeting created and various initiatives taken
  • Performance improvement - Automate employees plans with defined tasks and get live update on task completion
  • 360 degree feedback - Get feedback from people for a fair and accurate evaluation
  • Increment based on budgeting - Plan increment as per the assigned budget or define your own increment policy for approval
  • Increment posting - Post final increment directly to payroll
  • Normalization Process - Introduce greater objectivity in employee performance
  • 9 Box Matrix/Bell curve - Track Employees rating on potential vs performance criteria on organisation unit level


  • Set organization expense limit - Create different expense categories like flight, local conveyance, daily allowances and define their respective limits. You can also define limits basis locations
  • Create multiple expense policies - Don’t stick to single policies, define as many policies as you wish as per employee grades, seniority or positions for different departments (OU level )
  • Fix expiry time for old claims - Use the policy setting to mark the expiry time for old claim requests using the expense management software.
  • Calibrate expense reimbursement cycle - Mention as to how frequently you wish to clear expense payments- once, twice or more in a month? You can choose a cycle and fix a date for payments.
  • Get expense receipts and reports - Let your Employees add their expense receipt in real time through web and mobile, and share complete expense report for approval with you.
  • Approve exceptional expenses - Don’t worry for the expenses not covered in policies. The system lets you create and define workflows for all the exceptional expense approvals.
  • Tag customer and projects with the expenses - Learn which expenses are billable to your customers, trace the entire expense costs for your project by looking at the logged expenses by employees
  • Raise advance requests - Using our expense management software, employees can raise expense advance requests with a supporting document with ease. Requests are approved as per the workflow
  • Petty expense - Track petty cash expenses allocated to an employee for any organisation event
  • Travel desk - Share travel itinerary with travel desk to process the travel arrangement
  • Workflow - Define conditional approval workflow on amount and categories
  • Run Smart diagnostic check - The smart check run by system ensures fraud management, by disallowing employees to log redundant claims and expense claims not adhering to policies


  • Man power request - Manager can raise new hiring request for ESS with complete JOB Description
  • Use JD Master - A predefined JD library and an option to save JD templates
  • Share Resume
  • Know the reason - Not just the count, know whether the position is new or a replacement position.
  • Track workload - Look at the total, closed and open positions with every recruiter so that you assign the tasks as per the bandwidth
  • Choose a recruiter - Quickly assign the position to an internal recruiter and send the relevant information
  • Select the consultant - You can also assign the position to an external recruiter
  • Make opening public or private - Choose to make the job opening confidential or you can publish it on enterprise wall for employee referrals
  • Parse the data - No need to fill the candidate data manually. Let HROne autofill candidate form on your behalf
  • Post on social - Post the job opening on social media channels through our portal directly
  • Link with Career Portal - Now every job opening can be uploaded to your career portal directly and applicants data will be auto-synced
  • Monitor the TAT - Use the TAT master to keep a track on the turnaround time at each stage of the candidate journey to avoid delays and take actions timely
  • Interview scheduling and feedback - After approval of position, assigned recruiter can schedule interview and check interview feedback
  • Candidate database - Its like a resume bank with complete candidate details
  • Offer letter processing - offer letter can be generated with salary details and share directly with candidate
  • Exchange messages - Recruiter can directly exchange messages with candidate through the HROne software using 1 on 1 send message feature.
  • New joiner’s documentation - Before the new employee joins, get his profile and documents updated in the system online
  • Consultant portal - Portal for recruitment external consultants to track position assigned
End-to-end automation
Amplify your HR functions with 100% automation and zero manual intervention in your HR processes, enabling 3X efficiency right from the start.
Statutory compliance
Be 100% compliant with the state and central regulations with auto generation of challans
Easy onboarding
Goal-based implementation methodology that records time consumed manually against each HR process and delivers real time ROI in terms of costs
Exemplary support
Impeccable support extended post successful implementation of the HCM suite, extensive trainings for easy adaptation
Mobility assured
Our mobile app interface is a replica of the web application enabling more than 100+ HR actions on the go unlike any other application.
Easy adaptation
Guided tours and FAQs for the users, intuitive B2C-like interface that assures 100% adaptability of the application

Plans & Pricing

Package Includes
  • Modules
  • Users
Key Features Included
  • Core HR
  • Workforce management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Recruitment management
  • Expense management
  • Asset management
  • Help desk
  • Performance
  • Engagement
  • +Show More
Starter - Any 4 modules

per year

(Exclusive of all taxes)

Package Includes

Any 4


Advanced - All 10 modules

per year

(Exclusive of all taxes)

Package Includes

All 10


Custom solution
Package Includes

Modules selection between 4 and 10

Min 100


Customise your package and add-on value as required
Additional employees - starter pack
Pack of 50 employee licenses
(1 year validity)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Additional employees - advanced pack
Pack of 50 employee licenses
(1 year validity)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Implementation fee for starter pack
Fixed fee
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Implementation fee for advanced pack
Fixed fee
(Exclusive of all taxes)
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