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TYASuite Inventory Management Software

Make inventory management easier

TYASuite Inventory Management Software

Make inventory management easier

TYASuite is a cloud-based inventory management software that enables businesses to manage inventory in real time.

With this solution, your inventory flow is automated and highly efficient. There is no paperwork or human errors. You get better visibility on all your inventory information, thereby saving time and money.

This inventory management system will tell you when to purchase products and track them through the entire supply chain so that you never run out of anything in your stores.

Implementing an easy-to-use inventory management solution that gives you full visibility of your business processes is the most effective way to prevent human errors and other inefficient ways to collect data, inventory management and shipment tracking.

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Inventory tracking​

Track and control your inventory, including how many items you need to order and what they cost

Automated warehouse management​

Get complete automation from in-warding to dispatch of goods

Pricing management​

Automate product price into the system based on product and vendor at the time of raising a PO/invoice/sales invoice

Catalog management​

Maintain products catalogue-wise, which will be unique for all the products

Returns management​

Goods can be returned to the vendor and the seller can return goods to the customer and it can be processed in the system.

Reorder management​

Get a notification if the inventory quantity goes below the reorder level/buffer stock


Get a unique barcode or QR code based on the number of items at the time of QC approval

Traceability system​

Automatically generate product-wise barcode/batch number at the time of GRN. Track inventory based on barcode in inventory register, stock issue and goods returned.

Quotation management​

Create vendor quote easily and compare/rank product-wise price for all vendors


Get debit notes raised automatically for rejected quantities thereby ensuring quality checks

Approval workflow​

Manage 0-9 approvals based on amount matrix and cost centre/location level

Multi-location management​

Keep track of all addresses/details if vendors or customers have multiple locations

Multi-company management​

Select a particular company from dashboard if user/employee is registered in multiple companies.

Production management​

Get real-time visibility into each step of the production process from sales order creation to order fulfilment, product costing, scheduling and routing


Create to raise a PR or production request
Real-time inventory visibility
View and track inventory in real-time and enhance your profitability
Get accurate stock count to avoid over-selling
Potent report module
Get inventory register report at company level/cost centre level/transaction level
Make better decisions with multiple reports
Seamless integration
Integrate your inventory module with any platform through APIs
Get transparency between procurement, inventory, sales and production
Stock control
Maintain appropriate quality of stock and meet customer demand
Tighten the inventory process and buy the right amount of stock

Plans & Pricing

Package Includes
  • Users required
  • Warehouse/stores allowed
  • Approval management
  • Get notification alert
  • Multiple company
Key Features Included
  • E-invoicing
  • Inventory register
  • Inventory control
  • Goods transfer
  • Inventory traceability
  • Re-order management
  • Perishability management
  • Catalog management
  • Supplier management
  • RFQ tracking
  • RFQ comparison
  • Purchase order
  • Good receipt note
  • Quality inspection
  • Multi-level BOM
  • Production order
  • Process routing
  • Scrap tracking
  • Sales quotation
  • Sales order
  • Invoice generation
  • Debit/credit note
  • Item bulk upload
  • Define user level access
  • Workflow management
  • Statutory compliances
  • +Show More

per user/month
billed annually

(Exclusive of all taxes)

Package Includes

Minimum 3 users


Define monetary limit




per user/month
billed annually

(Exclusive of all taxes)

Package Includes

Minimum 3 users


Define monetary limit




Customise your package and add-on value as required
Implementation Charges - Standard
For users of standard package
(One time cost)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Implementation Charges - Advance
For users of advance package
(One time cost)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Multi-Company Access
For common user access to multiple companies
(1 year validity)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Tally Integration
One time set-up cost
(One time cost)
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Package costing FAQs

About the Software

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  • Browser compatibility
    Google Chrome
    (Use latest version for best experience)

  • Mobile support
    Works on Android mobile devices

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