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ubiAttendance - Employee Attendance App

Surest way to Track Attendance

ubiAttendance - Employee Attendance App

Surest way to Track Attendance

Attendance software for employees, onsite workers, and students

Tracking and managing employee attendance just got easier with the ubiAttendance app. A powerful attendance management app, it tracks employee attendance by location, time, and photo (selfie) whether working from office or remotely from home or onsite.

A web and mobile-friendly application, ubiAttendance is used by 155k+ users globally. Catering to the needs of small, medium, and enterprise-grade businesses, it helps them to:

  • Keep track of employee attendance, leaves and shift timing
  • Ensure real-time attendance with location and image-based attendance tracking (face recognition)
  • Manage accurate record of time-in and out to identify late comers, those leaving early, overtime, absentees, guest visitors and/or client visits and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks and stay productive with data-driven reports for insights

Web and app-based, ubiAttendance is secure, scalable and works even offline.

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4-way time tracking​

  • ubiAttendance offers fool-proof attendance tracking. Checks user ID + time + selfie + location
  • Keep a check on employee hours with 100% accuracy. No more proxy.

Track field and remote staff​

  • Manage attendance for work from home employees and field staff. Track visit time and location with feedback.
  • Add and manage clients and plan sales force visits. Assign clients to employees for punching visits and recording client information.

Attendance through facial recognition/QR code​

  • Attendance using facial recognition can be taken in Kiosk mode or by the employee. When the face is matched, the time gets automatically punched.
  • Contactless time punch for work from home and remote employees
  • Employees can also Time in and Time out by scanning their QR codes

Set virtual boundary with geo fence​

  • Create a virtual barrier around your office to spot employees who mark their attendance outside the office or site
  • Get email alerts automatically listing employees outside the geo fence

Manage shifts smoothly​

  • Plan and assign shifts to employees through shift calendar. Assign multiple employees to a single shift in one go.
  • Manage complex shifts including flexi-shifts with multiple Time in and Time out for quick and easy shift rotation

Offline or team mode​

  • The app works in offline mode in remote areas, at sea, in dense forests, on oil rigs etc.
  • Select employees in bulk and punch attendance of the entire team in one go
Highly affordable
Budget-friendly app - Cost/day is less than a cup of tea. Nominally priced/employee per month.
Zero cost on hardware, software and infrastructure or setup cost. Bug fixing and updates are free, and you pay as you grow.
Reliable service
Leading IT Service Providers - 21+ years, 1300+ clients, 82+ countries. Built in collaboration with Global HR experts.
Hosted on Amazon server with 99.99% uptime. Data is 100% secure on the cloud. Fast and efficient support team to resolve issues over phone and email.
One-stop solution
Caters to all industries - Start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises. Integrates with popular software, such as SAP. Can be extended to complete HRM.
Takes care of complex shifts, such as flexi and multiple Time In and Time Out. Available on Android, Apple(iOS) phones as well as desktops. Manages attendance for office, field or work from home employees.
Caters to the time tracking needs of small as well as large enterprises - from 5 to 50,000 users - and can handle the needs of a growing organisation.
Integrates with popular software, such as SAP and Oracle, and biometric machines. It is scalable within multiple geographies.
MIS information
Attendance reports available anytime, anywhere with real-time updates. Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee overtime and under time.
Get access to 40+ reports and MIS charts on your computer or phone. Use the filtering option for your preferred view.

Plans & Pricing

Package Includes
  • Admin users
Key Features Included
  • Biometric attendance with time
  • Captures selfie
  • Captures location
  • Offline attendance
  • Advanced web panel
  • QR code attendance
  • Kiosk mode attendance
  • Remote attendance
  • Fake time detection
  • Fake location detection
  • Import employees
  • Manage complex shifts
  • Multiple time in/out
  • Manage holidays and weekly offs
  • (40+) attendance reports and graphs
  • Employee wise attendance
  • Attendance summary reports on mail
  • Department wise attendance
  • Monthly attendance calendar
  • Email and app notifications
  • Export attendance
  • Advanced filtering
  • Phone, chat and email support
  • +Show More
₹40 (20%)

per user/month
billed annually

(Exclusive of all taxes)

Package Includes

1 admin user


Customise your package and add-on value as required
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Leave and time off
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Manage clients
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Shift planner
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Team attendance
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Track visits
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Live Location Tracking
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
Facial Recognition
(1 month validity)
per user/month billed annually
(Exclusive of all taxes)
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About the Software

  • Version
    Android Version: 5.8.7
    iOS Version: 3.4.4

  • Browser compatibility
    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari

  • Mobile support
    Android and iOS devices

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