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Find new business opportunities easily with a Tata Verification Score. The higher your verification score, the higher you rank on Tata nexarc search results.

Key Benefits

Gain credibility with the Tata seal of trust Gain credibility with the Tata seal of trust
Connect with trusted businesses Connect with trusted businesses
Stay ahead of the competition Stay ahead of the competition
Get 4 times more profile views Get 4 times more profile views

Get your business verified in 3 simple steps:

Business Verification
Answer a few questions about your business
Step 1 Answer a few questions about your business
Provide relevant information and documents
Step 2 Provide relevant information and documents
Click submit and get your verification score
Step 3 Click submit and get your verification score
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Verification Score?
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On Tata nexarc, a verification score is a badge of trust which strengthens the credibility of your business profile among your existing and potential business partners. Higher the verification score, higher your credibility. To get a verification score, upload all the required documents on Tata nexarc. This will help your business gain greater visibility

Where is the score displayed?
+ -

Your verification score is visible on your business profile. It also appears on your profile in search results and is available as a filter in the search tab.

Who can see the score?
+ -

The score is visible to all businesses and users registered on Tata nexarc. However, you have the option to hide the verification score on your profile.

What are the benefits of getting a Tata Verified Score?
+ -

The benefits of getting a score include, but are not limited to:
appearing higher in the search results
appearing in the filtered list
unlocking various features on Tata nexarc
The list of benefits is revised periodically and is at the discretion of Tata nexarc.

How long is the score valid ?
+ -

The verification score depends on the verification of the documents uploaded on Tata nexarc. The verification score thus remains valid as long as the document is valid and hence is subject to revision. Instances where the score becomes invalid include
1 :Expiry of Documents

For example, if your Import Export Certificate is valid till 31/03/2021, the score for the verification category 'Permits to do business - Specific' is also valid until 31/03/2021. On 01/04/2021, your score in the corresponding verification category will reflect as 0, as the document would have expired.
2 :Documents marked as Wrong Category

All your submitted artefacts (data in the form of text, documents etc.) are verified by our internal teams. While data points (PAN, GSTIN etc.) are verified through APIs, their corresponding soft copies are verified by our operations team. If the documents uploaded are found to be different from the document expected (blank paper instead of GST certificate, TAN certificate instead of PAN of Key person), the document is marked as ‘Wrong Category’ by the operations team and consequently the points awarded for that particular verification category are reduced to 0.

Can I opt out of the Tata verified program whenever I want?
+ -

Yes, you can opt out of the program whenever you want. You just have to contact our customer service desk to place a request.

How do I get a Tata Verified Score?
+ -

You can get your verification score by clicking the Verifications link on the homepage and following the instructions mentioned on the page.

Who has the permission to upload the documents?
+ -

The documents can be uploaded only by the admin of the business

What are the various business profiling questions?
+ -

The profiling questions are different for different businesses. These questions depend on the nature of business activities and the corresponding registrations required. Setting up your profile helps us understand the applicable registrations and thereby ask you relevant questions.

Do I have the option to update the additional business information when I get a new registration?
+ -

Yes, you can choose to edit your business profile any number of times.

What happens to my score if the business profile is changed ?
+ -

If you make any change to your business profile, we will reassess the documents needed for verification. If more documents are required, you will see new verification categories appearing on your verifications homepage and a readjustment in your score.

How are the documents verified?
+ -

Verifications are done via API integrations with agencies that issue the respective documents. If the API is unavailable or in case of soft copies, our operation team manually verifies the document copies.

What does the document status mean?
+ -

Once you submit the information or document, there are multiple stages for the verification such as In progress / On hold / Approved / Rejected / Requested for revision. The 'document status' indicates the current stage of the verification.

Why has a revision been requested for the documents?
+ -

We use a machine first approach to verify your documents, hence, it is important that the documents uploaded are readable. We request a revision of documents when
Document is not readable
Document doesn't match the description
Please note that the reason for a revision request is mentioned against the document on the platform.

What is a source of truth?
+ -

The issuing authority for the document is taken as the source of truth. For example - PAN : NSDL, GST : GSTIN

When is the score awarded?
+ -

For each verification category, the score is awarded when the documents are successfully verified. We adopt two modes of verification:
API based verification: All the data points are verified against the right source of truth
Manual verification: Our team verifies the documents submitted by you

What is a verification category?
+ -

For the ease of understanding, all the registration documents have been clubbed into verification categories. Click on each verification category to see which documents are applicable to your business.

How many points are there for each verification category?
+ -

Each category has equal weightage

Do I need to pay anything to get Tata Verified?
+ -

The service is currently free of any charges.

Where are the documents stored?
+ -

Yes, you can access your documents from the Admin User account.

Can I access the documents whenever I need them?
+ -

Yes, you can access your documents from the Admin User account.

Will the documents be reused for any other purpose?
+ -

All the documents you upload will be used for the following purposes
Unlocking actions such as purchasing applications, etc.
Giving a verification score
We will not share your information with any third party without your explicit consent.

With whom is the information on my Tata Verified score shared?
+ -

The verification score is displayed on your business microsite and is visible to everyone who views your profile. If you do not want the score to be visible, you can control its visibility through the button on the homepage.

What is the extent to which the information is shared?
+ -

For each verification score, you will be able to see which documents have been verified and the source of verification. For example, the PAN is verified against the NSDL database. We will not disclose any business information such as the PAN [AXXXX12345A] to any third party without your consent.

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