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A B2B platform for MSMEs and emerging businesses in India

About Tata nexarc

Our story

At Tata nexarc (registered as Tata Business Hub Limited), our vision is to create value for your emerging business. With over 65 million MSMEs in India, we recognise the potential of this sector and their valuable contribution to the Indian economy.

Founded in 2020, we are a B2B digital growth platform that offers a range of trusted and affordable business solutions to empower you to solve challenges and accelerate growth.

A platform for emerging business in India

At Tata nexarc, we understand the pain points and obstacles that your business can face. Our platform is built to enable you to discover new growth opportunities.
Some of our key offerings to drive MSME growth include:

  • Convenient and efficient procurement solutions
  • Affordable logistics services with wide pincode coverage
  • Business loans to meet your working capital needs
  • Relevant government tenders matching your business needs

Frequently asked questions

Is Tata nexarc part of the Tata Group?

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Yes, Tata nexarc is a part of the Tata group of companies and was founded in 2020.

What does Tata nexarc do?

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We are a B2B growth platform that enables you to solve challenges and grow with our range of reliable and affordable solutions.

Are Tata nexarc and Tata Business Hub Limited the same?

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Tata Business Hub Limited is the registered name, used for corporate and investor purposes, while Tata nexarc is the brand name we use for all communications with customers.

Who can join Tata nexarc?

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All MSMEs and emerging businesses in India can join Tata nexarc.

Is registration on Tata nexarc free?

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Yes, you can register your business on Tata nexarc for free. You can avail free and paid solutions on the platform for your business needs.

How to join/register on Tata nexarc?

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You can join/register on Tata nexarc as a Business, individual User, as a Partner, or as an employee.
To join as a Business, register your business for free with your business email, phone, and PAN details: https://www.tatanexarc.com/sign-up/
To join as a User, click here:https://www.tatanexarc.com/user-sign-up/
To join our team as an employee, click here: https://www.tatanexarc.com/careers/
To join as a Partner, contact us at: support@tatanexarc.com

Where is Tata nexarc office located?

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We have offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon.

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