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Business Head/Owner
Mr. Sohail Hajiani
Company Size
Below 100
Year of Establishment
Office Address
Plot no 23/2, TSIIC , Kucharam village, manoharabad , Medak, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 502336

Company Description

Tribo Industries is one of India’s leading specialty lubricant & grease manufacturer well known for technical innovations, superior quality & custom designed products. Our range of specialised lubricants & greases are manufactured to outperform in the most extreme conditions where conventional lubricants fail to provide adequate lubrication.

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Products and Services

product image
Torq EP 2 Premium Load

TORQ EP2 Premium Load is derived from a Lithium thickener with highly refined hydro-cracked base oil and various external additives. It performs well in centralized lubrication systems as well as in other manual lubricating applications that operate at high operating speeds combined with moderate load and vibration. This product is free from bitumen and other toxic metals.

Both the thickener & the base oil used in TORQ EP2 Premium Load are well known for their good water, dirt and dust resistance and their ability to perform well at moderate to high loads and high speeds. The additions of external additives & base-oils with a uniform molecular structure make this grease a more preferable lubricant among other greases.

Key Features and Benefits-TORQ EP2 Premium Load

  • High mechanical stability, shear stability, and dropping point allows it to withstand medium to high loads operating at high temperature and high speeds.
  • Excellent adhesion properties and the formation of a thermally stable thick lubricating film ensures efficient operation, which is further enhanced by multiple external additives that improve the re-lubricating interval, resulting in reduced lubricant consumption.
  • Good resistance to water, temperature, dust, and dirt makes this grease suitable for an open environment.
  • Incorporated external additives provide resistance to corrosion, rust, wear, and tear. 
  • Suitable lubricant for centralized grease lubrication systems.


product image
Torq ELG Ultra 220

TORQ ELG ULTRA 220M is an efficient lubricant derived from Lithium complex thickener with a highly refined thermally stable base oil and performance rich external additives. It also has the distinguished capability of excellent water-resistance. It equivalently performs well for centralized lubrication as well as in other manual lubricating applications operating at high temperature combined with moderate load and vibration. This product is free from bitumen and other toxic metals.


TORQ Significance


Both the thickener & base oil used in TORQ ELG ULTRA 220M  are well known for their excellent water, dirt and dust resistance and their capability to perform extremely well at moderate to high loads and temperatures combined with unexpected or expected shock loads. The addition of a high percentage of MoS2 as a solid lubricant and multiple external additives make this grease a desirable lubricant among other greases.


  • Machineries and equipment with medium-sized bearings (bearing inner diameter >80 mm  <200 mm)
  • Bearings in machineries and equipment working under high loads & temperatures such as large electric motors, conveyors, fans, blowers, pumps in steel, cement, pulp & paper, sugar, thermal power plants, mines.
  • Suitable to small open gears & crushers exposed to the environment.
  • Recommended for all rotating equipments operating at high loads and medium speeds (>1000 rpm <3000 rpm)
product image
Torq FSG

TORQ FSG Food grade grease is an innovative food-grade lubricant derived from an aluminium complex thickener and PAO base oil with strategically selected performance rich food grade additives. They also possess all the required outstanding lubricating properties to provide optimum performance at critically demanding operating conditions.


This lubricant is neutral in taste, colour, odour and has physiologically and chemically inert behaviour, strictly restricting the growth of bacteria and microbes associated with food, pharmaceutical and sugar industries TORQ food grade lubricants are processed under a stringent and hygienic operating environment on par with ISO 21469, meeting the norms of USDA H1 & its successor NSF H1


product image
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Uploaded on: 25/12/2021