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Frequently asked questions

What is nexLogistics?

nexLogistics is a platform that enables MSMEs and emerging businesses to find reliable logistics partners to transport goods at affordable prices.

How does it work?

nexLogistics brings businesses and logistics partners together on one platform. As a business, you can explore services, compare prices, and work with a logistics partner of your choice.

What are the benefits of nexLogistics?
  • Get the lowest prices
  • Compare rates from partners
  • Check ratings and reviews
  • Get wide Pincode coverage
  • Manage complete logistics cycle on one dashboard
How are the prices of nexLogistics decided?

The prices of logistics partners on the platform are based on customer demand. They are cheaper than the rates when working directly with these partners. However, because nexLogistics is a marketplace, competition within the platform will determine the exact prices.

If my current transporter is a logistics partner on Tata nexarc, can I continue to work with them on the platform?

You can continue working with your current transporter through our platform if he is a registered logistics partner here. We offer order tracking, responsive customer support, assistance with documentation, and other such value-added services to ensure an enhanced logistics experience.

How do you assure the quality of the logistics partners on the platform?

We enlist logistics service providers in India only after a thorough evaluation of service quality - using a proprietary tool to assess potential partners. We monitor each transporter regularly and delist a partner in case of quality issues or malpractices.

What logistics services are available on nexLogistics?

The platform currently provides Partial Truckload (PTL) cargo services for domestic road transportation. We offer door-to-door logistics services . Value added services include order tracking and online payment. Additionally, hub booking services, insurance option and freight on Delivery (FOD), courier and Full Truckload (FTL) services will be added soon.

Can I select a transporter?

You can choose to work with any of the partners enlisted on the platform. You can also recommend a transporter if you wish to see them on nexLogistics. We will add them if they meet our enlisting standards.

What commitment does Tata nexarc provide for nexLogistics?

We coordinate with logistics partners on your behalf and have customer support available for queries/problems, such as, delays in shipping or documentation issues. We value feedback and diligently review any complaint against a partner.

Will I get an invoice from Tata nexarc?

Yes, you will get a GST invoice for the freight amount. However, the dockets will be issued by the selected partner.

How are volumetric weight and charged weight calculated?

Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying volume with CFT (varies across logistics partners). Charged weight is the maximum of actual weight and volumetric weight.

What is transit insurance?

Transit insurance covers losses up to ₹20 lakh invoice value + freight charges as per shipment due to an item being lost or damaged in transit.

What product categories are covered under transit policy?

Covered: machineries, textiles, FMCG products, paints, packed food products, bagged agricultural products and other general merchandise.
Not covered: ceramics, chemicals, batteries etc. For a detailed list of exclusions, please review the policy document carefully.

How do I raise an insurance claim request?

Please reach out to customer support at for any insurance claim request.

When can a claim request be raised?

Claim requests can be raised within 3 days after delivery of material, with proper remarks on POD. Details of claim initiation and processing are available in the policy document.

What is minimum deductible under the transit policy?

Minimum deductible is a mandatory charge levied by the insurance company. It is deducted during the settlement of every claim. Details of minimum deductible and other terms and conditions are available in the policy document.

What are the claim settlement timelines for transit policy?

After submission of final documents and survey report.

  • Up to ₹50,000 (rupees fifty thousand): 3-5 working days
  • Up to ₹20,00,000 (rupees twenty lakhs): 8-10 working days

  • The timelines are indicative and settlement timelines from the insurer may vary on a case-to-case basis. nexLogisitcs will help in expediting the claim settlement process with the insurer.

    Can all claims be settled?

    No, the insurer has a well-defined set of rules that are to be followed to ensure a successful settlement. The insurer reserves the right to deny claims if there is any deviation from the set terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all conditions are adhered to. Detailed terms and conditions are available here. Please ensure you review them carefully.

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